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In saddles featuring the CAIR® Cushion System air panels replace the traditional fillings in your saddle panel.  You should notice a marked improvement in the performance of your horse, as the CAIR® air panels evenly distribute your weight across the entire length of the panel. The air in the panel fluidly moves and moulds around your horse’s working muscle to virtually eliminate pressure points.

The even bearing of the panel will not be evident until the rider is sitting in the saddle. It is only when the rider's weight bears down that the air will fluidly move to hug the horse's back and distribute the rider's weight evenly.

If you need to alter the balance of the saddle or the clearance of the wither this can be done in two ways:

  1. The CAIR® Panel Insert System offers a range of inserts that can be added to the panel of your saddle, above the CAIR® Air Panels. The CAIR® Air Panels then remain in contact with your horse's back, whilst the inserts increase the depth of the saddle panel where you need additional height. Alterations can be made to the saddle by your retailer without hesitation, and can be monitored and changed over time without concern of affecting the performance of your saddle.
  2. The gullet size in your saddle can be changed. With the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution you can do this yourself. If your saddle is sitting low in the head (i.e. not enough clearance of the horse's wither) you could try changing the gullet to a narrower size, which would raise the saddle slightly above the wither. You will just have to check that the narrower gullet does not cause pinching. If your saddle is sitting high in the head (i.e. too much clearance over the wither) you could try changing the gullet to a wider size.

(Note: See The EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution for instructions on measuring your horse's wither and changing the gullet)

The CAIR® Cushion System is exclusive to Bates and Wintec Saddles
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