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Both Dr Gail Williams
& Dr Peter Cronau have commented that over 90% of the horses they treat for sore backs are for saddle related problems!

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The CAIR® Cushion System works with the EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution to provide the ultimate in comfort and performance for the horse. These revolutionary systems work together to provide a custom fit to your horse’s wither, and a fluid cushioning to hug your horse’s individual conformation for even weight distribution over the entire length of the panel. Additionally, with the CAIR® Panel Insert System, the balance of your saddle with the CAIR® Cushion System is easily adjusted.

You should discover a marked improvement in the performance of your horse due to your weight being evenly distributed across the entire length of the panel virtually eliminating pressure points, as the air in the panel fluidly moves and moulds around the working muscles of your horse.

Official Fit Disclaimer

The innovative systems in our saddles offer unsurpassed flexibility in achieving an optimal fit, however, no one saddle can claim to fit every horse. It is always recommended you seek ongoing professional advice on the fit, and in meeting the unique needs of each horse/rider combination.

EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution

The CAIR® Cushion System is exclusive to Bates and Wintec Saddles
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