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What is CAIR®?

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  A selection of Bates and Wintec girths with CAIR




“The girth with CAIR® allowed greater freedom of movement even in girth sensitive horses, and any signs of discomfort disappeared upon usage of the girth.”

Pierre Arnould, European Equestrian Research Centre

“I particularly like the way it should take the pressure off the outer curves of the sternum, an area quite susceptible to pressure damage. It offers a great increase in surface area and the shaping is a great improvement over previous girths. It has a great combination of elastic components too.”

Dr Ian Bidstrup

“We have been using the girths with CAIR® on our bigger horses and are really pleased with the results.”

Isabell Werth, GER Dressage

“I love this girth, the girthy horses are considerably less irritable, they don’t walk off stiffly anymore and are noticeably more comfortable.”

Christine Weal, NZ Dressage

“The Girth stays in position better than any other and the horses walk out of the stables freely and comfortable.”

Greg Smith, AUS Show Jumper

“Prior to using elastic girths with CAIR®, I had problems with edema behind girths with Bates Lanciana, but any evidence of this has since disappeared using these girths. The shaping also allows for freedom behind the horse’s elbows where many horses have problems. I have noticed that Bates Antonello is a lot less "touchy" to girth up with this girth. As for durability —I have had one for a year and used it every day on at least 2 horses and it still looks like a brand new one."

Louisa Hill, NZ Dressage

The CAIR® Cushion System is exclusive to Bates and Wintec Saddles
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