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People Who CAIR®

Kathleen Hulle

23 Years Experience in the Equestrian Industry

Since Kaleigh my nine year old mare and I were introduced to the CAIR® Cushion System a whole New World has opened up for us. Kaleigh had fallen into the hands of over 5 trainers, as a result of unworkable and unsellable behaviour, each year she became more dangerous to work with even on the ground. She never fully matured physically due to the stress. Finally, she ended up in my hands to be a companion animal. I fitted her in Wintec Saddles with CAIR® only to discover a new animal. Her confidence and stature grew, as she regained strength and a willingness to work. Quickly, I realised that I was continually behind in saddle fit, one gullet at a time. With CAIR® she grew 2 sizes in 10 weeks and eventually outgrew both the Wintec 2000 and Isabell. She is now being successfully ridden in the Wintec Wide with CAIR® and due to her new found comfort and focus we are looking to reintroduce her to eventing and dressage. Too often poor saddle fit and performance are responsible for unworkable and unsellable behavioural problems. Saddle fit is a crucial element in the horse sport industry. In my experience of 23 years in the Horse Industry, each Wintec saddle supersedes the previous, as they constantly reinvent our expectation of true connection between horse and rider in a saddle.

Tell us how you like CAIR®!

If you’ve noticed an improvement in your performance since using a saddle with the CAIR® Cushion System, we would like to invite you to share your positive experience with us. Email us by clicking here.

The CAIR® Cushion System is exclusive to Bates and Wintec Saddles
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